Benincasa and Shoge Facilitate Board Retreat for Cambridge Main Street

Cambridge, MD – Cambridge Main Street, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Cambridge, Maryland, recently enlisted the expertise of Rivers & Roads partners Ross Benincasa and Sam Shoge to lead a transformative retreat for its board of directors.

With a renewed focus on enhancing the effectiveness of its board, Cambridge Main Street sought facilitators who could provide comprehensive guidance on board governance, leadership roles, and committee optimization tailored specifically to the needs of a Main Street organization. Rivers & Roads emerged as the natural choice for this pivotal initiative.

The retreat, thoughtfully coordinated by Rivers & Roads, aimed to equip board members with the essential knowledge and tools needed to navigate their roles with precision and impact. Through a series of dynamic sessions, participants were immersed in a curriculum designed to provide a history and purpose of Main Street organizations, underscore the pivotal roles they play within communities, and explain the specific responsibilities incumbent upon board members.

Key components of the presentation included detailed explorations of traditional board roles, both official and unofficial, along with insightful discussions on leadership dynamics within a board context. Rivers & Roads also introduced innovative frameworks designed to empower the board with practical tools for effective decision-making and strategic planning.

“Our goal was to empower the Cambridge Main Street board with the knowledge and resources necessary to drive strategic excellence and maximize their impact within the community,” said Sam Shoge, Partner at Rivers & Roads. “By providing tailored guidance and hands-on exercises, we aimed to foster a culture of informed decision-making and proactive governance.”

In addition to delivering comprehensive content, Rivers & Roads facilitated interactive breakout sessions and case studies, allowing participants to apply newfound insights in real-time scenarios. These immersive experiences enabled board members to internalize key concepts and translate them into actionable strategies for organizational growth and success.

“We are immensely grateful to Rivers & Roads for their invaluable contribution to our board retreat,” said Margaret Knudsen, Executive Director at Cambridge Main Street. “Their expertise and dedication have empowered our board members with a clear roadmap for success, positioning Cambridge Main Street for continued impact and excellence.”


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