Port Street Commons

Event Coordination
Financial Appeal

An affordable housing solution and services provider for rural Marylanders, developed along Easton's Port Street Corridor.

Event coordination and financial consulting for a new mixed-use affordable housing project in Easton, Maryland.

Housing and services along Easton's enlivened Port Street

Easton, Maryland’s Port Street neighborhood has long been a working-class residential area near the town’s Main Street corridor. The Town’s recent efforts to embrace this area’s waterfront history with a revitalized focus on development have been complemented by The Arc Central Chesapeake Region and their Port Street Commons project.

Affordable living for all and care for those in need

The Port Street Commons project will include two buildings: an Eastern Shore HQ and service center for The Arc’s staff and those that they serve, and another building with upper-floor affordable housing opportunities, available for all qualified tenants. This project directly meets a critical need for Easton in the way of affordable housing, an underserved residential option that keeps many people that work in Easton from affording a reasonable rental for their family.


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