The Granary Silo Project

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Real Estate Development

Residential/mixed-use development re-using grain silos as an attractive, sustainable building material

Brings much-needed residential living opportunities near downtown Easton, offering superior pedestrian access to the town’s amenities from the adjacent rail trail.

Redefining the term 'farmhouse'

Rivers & Roads consulted with SVN Chesapeake and Mitch Hager Architecture and developed a marketing and PR campaign to promote The Granary, a mixed-use/residential innovative re-use of grain silos near downtown Easton, Maryland.

Where silos and community go hand-in-hand

We’re saving the old grain bin complex and rejuvenating it with a really sustainable approach to construction. I’m biased, but the project is quite beautiful. Sustainability is my first priority, and this is by far the most exciting project I have worked on to date.
Mitch Hager

When developed, The Granary will bring much-needed professional housing opportunities near downtown Easton, while serving as an exemplar of sustainable residential development and design. The landmark project has the opportunity to redefine Easton’s East End neighborhood, and turn an underutilized property into a beacon for its occupants and those living and working nearby.

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