Rivers & Roads Consulting Unveils Scattered Site Housing White Paper

Easton, MD – Rivers & Roads Consulting is proud to announce the publication of a comprehensive white paper on scattered site housing, offering a forward-thinking solution to the affordable housing crisis impacting Maryland, particularly its rural areas. This white paper delves into the benefits of scattered site housing, emphasizing its role in fostering community integration, reducing stigmatization associated with public housing, and facilitating access to amenities.

In response to the escalating housing costs that have placed a significant strain on individuals and families across both urban and rural Maryland, Rivers & Roads’ white paper introduces scattered site housing as a viable solution. Unlike traditional large housing projects, scattered site housing consists of publicly funded single-family or smaller multifamily rental units dispersed within communities. This model not only promotes social integration but also addresses the challenges of implementing such housing solutions, including local opposition and funding.

“Our work on scattered site housing underscores the crucial need for mixed-income developments that integrate seamlessly into existing neighborhoods,” Rivers & Roads partner Ross Benincasa said. “By dispersing affordable housing units across a city or region, we’re not just addressing the affordable housing crisis; we’re actively contributing to the creation of more cohesive, inclusive communities.”

The white paper showcases various case studies, from urban settings like Minneapolis to rural locales in Vermont, demonstrating the adaptability and success of scattered site housing in different environments. It outlines clear recommendations for Maryland to harness the full potential of scattered site housing, including establishing dedicated funding streams, fostering public-private partnerships, and prioritizing mixed-income developments.

As Maryland grapples with a housing shortage, with nearly 30 percent of renters spending more than half their income on housing, the publication of this white paper is timely and a call to action. It advocates for a strategic approach to housing that not only provides shelter but also supports the economic stability and social fabric of communities across the state, all while supporting the existing built environment and architectural preferences around the state.

Rivers & Roads Consulting hopes policymakers, developers, and community leaders engage with the insights and recommendations presented in this white paper, helping to put action behind the need for more housing supply in our rural communities.

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